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Melbourne to Singapore – Flight Time & Price

Melbourne to Singapore


Melbourne to Singapore – Flight Time & Price


The distance from Melbourne, Australia to Singapore is approximately 6,088 kilometers (3,784 miles) when traveling in a straight line.

The most common way to travel from Melbourne to Singapore is by air. There are several airlines that offer direct flights between the two cities, including Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Scoot, and Jetstar. Flight time can vary depending on the airline and route, but it typically takes around 7-8 hours to fly from Melbourne to Singapore.

To find cheap flights from Melbourne to Singapore, you can follow the same tips as for Sydney to Singapore:

  1. Be flexible with your travel dates and times.
  2. Book your flight in advance.
  3. Compare prices from different airlines and booking sites.
  4. Sign up for airline newsletters and fare alerts.
  5. Consider low-cost carriers.
  6. Fly indirect.
  7. Be open to alternative airports.
  8. Use a travel rewards credit card.

Additionally, you can also consider traveling during the shoulder season, which is typically the period between the peak and off-peak seasons. This can be a good way to save money on flights and accommodations, while still enjoying favorable weather and fewer crowds.

Here are some tips for flying to Singapore:

  1. Check entry requirements: Before booking your flight, make sure to check the entry requirements for Singapore. Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa or electronic travel authorization to enter the country.
  2. Choose the right time to travel: Singapore is a year-round destination, but certain times of the year can be more expensive or crowded. Consider traveling during the shoulder season (April to June and September to November) to save money and avoid crowds.
  3. Compare flights and airlines: Use online travel agencies or flight aggregator websites to compare prices and flight options from different airlines.
  4. Check baggage restrictions: Make sure to check your airline’s baggage restrictions and fees, as well as the customs regulations for Singapore. Singapore has strict laws regarding the import of certain items, such as cigarettes and alcohol.
  5. Book in advance: Booking your flight in advance can help you find better deals and save money on your trip.
  6. Choose your seat wisely: If you have a preference for window or aisle seats, make sure to choose your seat when booking your flight.
  7. Pack smart: Make sure to pack essentials, such as a passport, visa, and any necessary medications or travel documents, in your carry-on luggage. Pack light to avoid extra baggage fees and make sure to follow airline rules for liquids and other restricted items.
  8. Arrive at the airport early: Arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight, especially if you are checking in luggage or flying during peak travel periods. This will give you enough time to go through security, check in, and board your flight without stress.
  9. Bring entertainment: Flights to Singapore can be long, so bring along some entertainment, such as books, magazines, or movies, to keep yourself occupied during the flight.
  10. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine to stay hydrated during the flight.

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